Collectif Franky Swing Trousers - Red

Retro 40's style Swing Trousers from the always amazing Collectif!

The high waist forms a beautiful contrast with the wide leg and is very flattering with fuller hips/bottom. It has a foldover, which can easily be made shorter or longer.

They are made of a firm cotton with stretch and a side zipper.


8 WAIST: 26 HIP: 34-36

10 WAIST: 28 HIP: 36-38

12 WAIST: 30 HIP: 38-40

14 WAIST: 32 HIP: 40-42

16 WAIST: 34 HIP: 42-44

18 WAIST: 36  HIP: 44-46

We recommend purchase based primarily on waist measurement as the hip area has plenty of stretch, whilst the waist band has minimal stretch.

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