ColourVUE: Black Hole Sun Mini Sclera Lenses

Not quite ready for sclera lenses? Want something easy to put in but still larger than average? Mini Scleras are a great option! Still large at 17mm in diameter, mini sclera lenses look awesome and are a great introduction to sclera lenses.
ColourVUE uses their patented Hydrogel material, which ensures great water content to give your eyes high oxygen permeability, a superb comfortable fit, and the safest, most fashionable lens all around. All ColourVUE lenses are European CE approved (ISO9001).
17mm Diameter
45% Water Content
8.6mm Base Curve
1 year Usage
Includes a storage case and instructions
Have you seen some crazy lenses that you want but we don't have? Give us a call and we'll do our best to find them for you!

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