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Deluxe Princess Jasmine Costume

Deluxe Princess Jasmine Costume

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You shall be granted three wishes by the Genie and his magic lamp! Yes, you are the spirited Arabian Princess Jasmine from the classic 1992 Disney film, Aladdin. Fly on your magic carpet and encounter many adventures with your Genie Master and trusty Monkey friend, Abu. But do be aware of Jafar, the Royal Vizier of Agrabah as you travel through the lands in search of the man you wish to marry.

Costume includes top with ombre satin, gold trim and tulle fringe at the waist. Satin straps and tulle gathered collar with jewel pendant, Harem pants in satin with glitter print, glitter gold waist band and tulle peplum, a Gold foam necklace and a Headpiece in satin with a jewel pendant. M - L.

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