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Mehron Coagulated Blood Gel

Mehron Coagulated Blood Gel

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Mehron's Coagulated Blood Gel (30ml) is the blood of choice for theater productions, video shoots and movies! The thick consistency imitates drier blood and stays in place for long performances such as disaster drills and training exercises.

Coagulated blood is an extremely thick syrup based blood that will not drip. Excellent for blood clots, scrapes, and scabbing effects.

May be applied to any open wound effects (created from Latex, Modeling Putty/Wax or 3-D Gel). Use with a stipple sponge for instant road rash/scrape effects. Formula is safe for use in and around the mouth. Product may stain, pretesting is recommended.

Washes off skin easily with soap and warm water and from most fabrics and surfaces, though spot testing is suggested before use.

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